Wow this error really gets around in different situations. And i found a new one today. Here is a link to Citrix’s 5 causes and solutions. None of these worked for me, and configuration seems to be crisp by the book.

So this is what happened, after a little break for some food. I came back and did a logon through our Netscaler portal. And i received the infurious Cannot complete your request message. I had seen it before, related to misconfigured setup with Storefront and Netscaler. But this setup had been working for months now, and was basically unchanged. Nothing that I could link to this issue. I even called a @msandbu . At the same time I got in touch with him, I discovered that we had a load balanced XML broker in the setup. And he agreed this would make troubles. So we hung up and I went back to checking up, but still no luck. So back to eventlogs, my coworker was intrigued by the event id 7 events in eventlog on Storefront server.


So we started thinking about we did at the time the events started appearing. At about the same time, I had published a new application through Studio (this is a Xendesktop 7 environment, worth mentioning). So we deleted it, and bang everything works again logging on.

Then I added the application and the custom Icon I had created earlier. XDTipster has a great guide on this. Now the shit starts failing again. So I decided to change the Icon rather than deleting the app. And now everything works fine again. Clearly something went wrong importing the base64 string through powershell. So I recreated a new icon with base64 icon and attached it to my published app, and everything works fine.

Things work in a mysterious way….