Unable to launch as the application is not currently available but is working via StorefrontWeb

So this was also really crappy, systems have been working and tested for a while. After some kind of SQL issues last night, we had troubles logging in through Receiver, but from Web working ok.

Found the resolution BUT no root cause, as this was working and suddenly stopped working.

But here is what fixed it.


On your XenDesktop controller run this.

PS C:\Users\> asnp citrix*
PS C:\Users\> Set-BrokerSite -TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort $true

Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server. Protocol driver error.

Lets face it, I am new to Netscaler products. But normally I get around and fix the things I need.

Today I was working on a second vServer for access to a test environment. And when connecting i was getting this annoying error message, that really does not say much. And google, does not point you anywhere close to a solution either.

Protocol driver error.

This KB CTX911130 has a few reasons in it, but no one related to my issues. 

Finally I found what really was causing me problems, I did not configure additional static route for the network used by Citrix servers in the test environment.

This bothers me a lot, because it seems like an obvious reason for the protocol driver error, to a Netscaler veteran. Which makes me think that this should be an obvious CTX easy to find when googling Netscaler Protocol driver error.


Changing domain password on Server 2012

On a direct RDP connection press ctrl+alt+end to bring up the change password choice.

If you are on a RDP in RDP session the story is a bit different and a little bit tricky as far as my research has come up to, as the ctrl+alt+end will bring up change password from parent rdp session.

The only solution i have found is to create a small vbs and trigger it from there.

set objShell = CreateObject(“shell.application”)

save this as a .vbs file

run cscript your.vbs

StoreFront – Cannot complete your request

Wow this error really gets around in different situations. And i found a new one today. Here is a link to Citrix’s 5 causes and solutions. None of these worked for me, and configuration seems to be crisp by the book.

So this is what happened, after a little break for some food. I came back and did a logon through our Netscaler portal. And i received the infurious Cannot complete your request message. I had seen it before, related to misconfigured setup with Storefront and Netscaler. But this setup had been working for months now, and was basically unchanged. Nothing that I could link to this issue. I even called a @msandbu . At the same time I got in touch with him, I discovered that we had a load balanced XML broker in the setup. And he agreed this would make troubles. So we hung up and I went back to checking up, but still no luck. So back to eventlogs, my coworker was intrigued by the event id 7 events in eventlog on Storefront server.


So we started thinking about we did at the time the events started appearing. At about the same time, I had published a new application through Studio (this is a Xendesktop 7 environment, worth mentioning). So we deleted it, and bang everything works again logging on.

Then I added the application and the custom Icon I had created earlier. XDTipster has a great guide on this. Now the shit starts failing again. So I decided to change the Icon rather than deleting the app. And now everything works fine again. Clearly something went wrong importing the base64 string through powershell. So I recreated a new icon with base64 icon and attached it to my published app, and everything works fine.

Things work in a mysterious way….

Storefront 2.0 Replication error

If you ever need to reinstall the Storefront software on one of your servers, keep in mind that the uninstaller does not clean up properly. Today i went through this, and experienced that I was unable to replicate configuration after adding the server back to the server group.

UPDATE: Actually i have experienced the same error on a clean install added to a server group also. So this is probably a general weakness in Storefront, sorry to say.

After messing about for a while, finding out that the event messages is not really worth much. Thats another chapter, but I had this in the eventlog.

An error has occured during the all server configuration update process.
Citrix.DeliveryServices.ConfigurationReplication.Exceptions.ServerUpdateConfigurationException, Citrix.DeliveryServices.ConfigurationReplication, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e8b77d454fa2a856
An error occured running the command: ‘Install-DSFeatureClasses’
RemoteEndpoint: net.tcp://servername/Citrix/ConfigurationReplication

I got a hit on this, An error occured running the command: ‘Install-DSFeatureClasses‘, from google. http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?threadID=333941&tstart=0

Pontus Buhr had the solution, he clearly has been messing about with Storefront for a while and found what logs to really look at. Thanks for sharing Pontus.

Solution = deleted C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Features\WebApplication

After this the replication runs smooth again.

Windows Fair CPU Sharing – DFSS if you like….is it running….?

This night i was sitting around, working on some XenApp 6.5 stuff. And i found that Citrix CPU Utilization management was enabled, fair enough. But it triggered my need to find out if Windows Fair CPU Sharing (DFSS) was disabled. Knowing that these two technologies does not play nice together, I had to find out. But how….my friend google….took me to Andrew Morgans blog, http://andrewmorgan.ie

He has this incredibly easy solution to check with PoSh.

(gwmi win32_terminalservicesetting -N “root\cimv2\terminalservices”).enabledfss

You can even use this command to turn on and off, which require reboot.



$temp = (gwmi win32_terminalservicesetting -N “root\cimv2\terminalservices”)

$temp.enabledfss = 0


Link to andrews original post: http://andrewmorgan.ie/2012/08/07/checking-the-status-of-dynamic-fair-share-scheduling-in-server-2008-r2/

Ever had problems shutting down a XenServer VM?

Kolltveit has the solution,

XenServer VM/VPS will not Shutdown – Force Shutdown

xe vm-shutdown force=true vm=[vm name]

If this still doesn’t work you can try taking a look in the XenServer pending task queue:

xe task-list

And cancel the process’ that seem to be holding up the system:

xe task-cancel uuid=[task uuid]

If this still fails you can try the following:


Yet another reminder, not to work while beeing sick….

Today i spent hours troubleshooting, the “No bootable drives have been found or no OS” error on both Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 PVS images. Beeing sick, it’s not been a blast. Sweat pooring, head pounding. Finally i decided to load up on som pain killers to relief me from the agony.

So then i found out, that i yet again went into the same situation as last time. Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 creates this small boot partition. This messes up when you want to use the Versioning feature with .avhd’s

Frustrating, but back on track, two new images in the process. Btw here is an article about how to fix this crap before you recreate your image.